Pollinate — If It Doesn’t Spread It’s Dead

In April 2016, Te Papa Museum launched their new Mahuki Innovation Hub.

‘Pollinate’ focuses on bringing people in to the Mahuki Innovation Hub, and challenging the current model that Te Papa is associated with; traditional and historical remembrances of the past.

Pollinate will reinvigorate the image of Te Papa, and bring in a vibrant, innovative presence that inspires ideas of the future. We have adopted the system of 'cross-pollination' as a way of dispersing the innovation hub throughout the city. Large scale, colourful and eye catching ‘pollen’ sculptures are spread across the city, that will help integrate, effect and engage the community and create memorable interactions between the public and the Te Papa brand. Central to our concept of cross-pollination is bringing Mahuki to the city, to bring the city to Mahuki.

In Collaboration with:             My Role:
Anna Hamilton                        Idea Generation
Bree Atherfold                        Qualititative Research
Molly Brankin                          Modelling    
                                                   Visual Communication