Kia Ora — Using Digital Prompts To Encourage Human Interaction

‘Kia Ora’ aims to inspire a more empathetic attitude towards those struggling with homelessness and recognise their need for basic interaction with other beings. We want to act as a reminder that ‘homeless’ people, are still human beings, they do not deserve to be treated as though they are invisible. So we are making them visible.

Through research and human behaviour observation, we tracked people’s reactions as they walked past a homeless person. The majority of people kept their heads down, pretended to be on their phones, avoided eye contact, or awkwardly looked away. We created a series of interventions, using QR codes to target our audience, which prompted conversation starters to help humanize the homeless and encourage basic human interaction.

Sometimes all we need, is a simple hello, or kia ora.

In collaboration with:             My Role:
Paige Maddren                      Ideation and research
Joe Norman                           QR Modelling & Tests