K Period Media

Film Production Company

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K Period Media is a Black-founded and women led film production company behind  award-winning films like Suspiria and Manchester By The Sea. They exist to incubate the boldest ideas from emerging and diverse creatives. They break convention and invite the unexpected as a means to radically change the television and film industry, giving a community to viewers who gravitate towards weird, prolific and ground-breaking projects.

One of the biggest assets of K Period Media is the diversity of film projects it works across, which also presented as one of the primary challenges as we approached their visual identity design. Inspired by the infinitely iterative 90’s MTV logos, we delivered a dynamic logo system for endless versatility across genres, as well as a broad & stimulating color library, fun animations centered around the period motif, contemporary typography and some dope merch. The new and improved brand identity was unveiled at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival to astounding reviews.

Roles — 

Design Director: Zoe Schoeller-Burke, Designer: Gillian Fink, Strategist: Madison Utendahl, Copywriter: Sesali Bowen, Web Developer: Liane Agbi

Responsibilities — 

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design