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Helix Hair Labs is here to bring tomorrow’s technology to today’s hair. Focusing on holistic hair wellness, Helix is powered by technology that centers people of color and helps them achieve their healthiest hair. They are the first in the hair-care industry to create a tool that is designed specifically to enhance curly and textured hair rather than tame it. They unconditionally and radically embrace the curl spectrum – and invite audiences into that same narrative.

Utendahl Creative touched almost every brand aspect: from naming and strategy, to visual identity, web design and merchandise—all centered around communicating innovation and technology as the brand's core values, while maintaining an aesthetic that is sleek yet accessible. We built a futuristic brand world through streamlined typography, an unexpected color palette, and clean, bright art direction. The simplicity of the visual elements skip detail in favor of an impactful look that establishes a mood of progress, innovation, and stepping out into the unknown.

Roles —

Design Director: Zoe Schoeller-Burke, Creative Director: Tori Baisden, Designer: Gillian Fink, Strategist: Eileen Meng, Copywriter: Sesali Bowen
Responsibilities —

Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging, Web Design, Merch