Good Eat’n

Plant-Based Snacks

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Good Eat’n exists to transform the snack landscape by offering a flavor forward product that’s surprisingly plant-based. As well as making plant-based snacking an appealing and tasty alternative, Good Eat’n prioritizes Black & Brown communities in historically underserved food deserts. Founder Chris Paul wanted to make this product accessible to all, and partnered with Gopuff to reach wide-distribution levels across food deserts in the U.S.

Utendahl Creative built this brand from stem to stern, from naming and brand strategy to the visual identity, packaging, art direction and web design. The brand was designed to have a super playful and irreverent attitude, while also needing to be something that is legible and impactful whether you're viewing it on-screen or on-shelf. The packaging is anchored by a playful and slightly subversive smiley face, tongue out with one of the seven flavors on top for each bag. Part of Good Eat’n’s design challenge was to subvert the expectations of what a traditional plant-based brand looks like, leaning into design techniques traditionally reserved for “junk-foods” like bold colors, fun typography and playful illustrations. With bright, bombastic design elements inspired by tasty treats of the past, the playfulness and edginess of the branding not only has an endearing digital shelf presence, but it’s proven to be a total success, with all 7 SKU’s selling out within the first week of launch.

Responsibilities — 

Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging, Web Design, Art Direction, Campaign Launch

Roles — 

Design Director: Zoe Schoeller-Burke, Creative Director: Tori Baisden, Designer: Gillian Fink, Strategist: Madison Utendahl