Contained Green Living — Residential Architecture 

It costs less to make a new container than it does to return it to China. So they keep making new ones. And we decided to use them. 

Contained Green Living is a sustainable and cost effective space for student living. The student population is growing in Wellington, therefore we are seeing an increase in demand for student flats in and around the central city area. Students are the way of the future, and with our sustainable and eco-friendly design, Contained Green Living will help guide other students as well as the rest of society towards a more environmentally-conscious way of living.

Our design takes advantage of natural resources, and will reuse materials to their fullest potential to enhance the sustainability of the structure. We worked on creating a form that would take full potential of the amount of space on the site, while still allowing natural light deep into the plan. Our structure features a large common area with smaller private areas, based on the notion that a shared house should have double the amount of communal space than usual

In collaboration with:            My role:
Liam Carroll                           Ideation Development
Greta Anderson                    Sustainability Research
Pieta Serville                         Diagram Design
Bianca Destounis                 3D Modelling & Renders
                                                 Visual Communication