Black Lives Matter

Social Activism

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In an age where social media has become a primary source of information, the power that graphic designers have can not go unnoticed. This is a personal project that our team at Utendahl Creative felt was vital to contribute to. During the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, we began using our creative forces for change, confrontation and education. We wanted to get uncomfortable, challenge what is accepted, and use our privilege as employed creatives to speak loudly and proudly alongside those who can’t. In addition to offering our services pro-bono to black owned businesses and not-for-profit organisations, Utendahl Creative launched a BLM activism campaign which consisted of a series of educational assets for people to share on social media. The topics addressed in this series range from digital allyship, advocacy, overt and covert racism, to important historical events such as Juneteenth, Roe v Wade and more. The response was astounding, our initial posts reached virality within days. From cult celebrity influencers like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Elsa Hosk to media outlets like W Magazine, In Style, and Future Earth, our work was shared and published to reach a combined whopping 400M views - with the number still getting higher each year. The response went above and beyond social media, I was  invited to speak at Harvard University, to discuss the topic of art and activism in social media, with the aim being to push the students to think critically about how social media can be a platform for social justice, and education on a broader scale.

This is part of an ongoing series of activism assets, using our creativity to start conversation, to spread awareness, and to ignite change.

Roles —

Designer: Zoe Schoeller-Burke
Strategist: Madison Utendahl 
Copywriter: Allison Walker

Responsibilities —

Social Design & Social Activism