Zoe Schoeller-Burke  
— Spatial & Graphic Designer 

︎ Curriculum Vitae

From a young age I have always wanted to be a Graphic Designer. I took pride in making everything look beautiful, and having the power to completely change not only the way something looks - but in turn change the way people reacted to it.

Then, I went to university. I discovered the discipline of spatial design; a discipline that crosses all boundaries of traditional specialisms such as architecture, urban design and intervention, systems way finding, exhibition design, experience design and everything else under the sun. To put it in simpler terms; spatial design is the design of the human environment.

My multi-disciplinary background and unorthodox education has completely flipped my perspective on design, not only on the process, and methodologies we can use but also the problems we can solve and the questions we can generate. I see design as a speculative and provocative tool, a tool that can create a positive impact and on the human environment.


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