Makeup by Halsey

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About-Face creates makeup made with integrity and intention, inspired by and for a diverse and artistic community. Founded by global pop sensation Halsey, and built on the truth that humans are weird, complex, multi-dimensional beings and entirely beautiful because of it. About-Face is one of the first beauty brands to redefine what it means to be “beautiful”, featuring one of most diverse model casts seen in the beauty industry. Transgender models, disabled models, models with dwarfism and those adorned with unique skin pigmentations such as vitiligo, albinism and cystic acne, exemplify the brands values of celebrating beauty in all forms. By blending analog and digital design techniques, we fearlessly embraced the raw, gritty, and edgy aesthetics often absent in the realm of polished beauty brands. The deliberately gritty design of About-Face has allowed it to stand out amidst a sea of similarity, garnering accolades and awards within the beauty industry. Esteemed publications such as Bazaar, Allure, and Nylon have awarded its uniqueness and innovation.

Roles –
Design Director & Animator: Zoe Schoeller-Burke, Designer: Grace Kennedy, Strategist: Siraad Dirshe
Responsibilities –
Social Design, Brand Expansion, Animation, Social Toolkit